Admissions Open | NLSIU Summer School – Foundations for a Legal Education (FLE) Course

The National Law School of India University (NLSIU) invites applications for admission to the fourth edition of the Foundations for Legal Education (FLE) Certificate Course for 2024.

Moving from high school to law school is challenging for students – and NLSIU’s Foundations for a Legal Education can set you on the path to acquire the skills and intellectual abilities you need to make this journey easy and effective. In a dynamic four-week curriculum, the FLE Course will introduce you to:
• Read critically and analyse complex materials;
• Understand and analyse quantitative information in context;
• Write persuasively;
• Argue effectively; and
• Think like a lawyer!

We have curated a new faculty lineup for delivery of the FLE course. Additionally, we have meticulously re-designed the curriculum based on feedback from earlier three iterations. The study of law demands specialized skill sets that young individuals may not have exposure to, and the FLE aims to bridge this gap. For students in the tenth grade or above with a passion for law, this Course from the NIRF-ranked #1 Law School is your gateway to a rewarding legal education journey.

Applications for the FLE Course are now open! To know more and apply, visit our FLE Course page on the PACE website.

The deadline for application submission is April 21, 2024, by 11:59 pm (IST). 

For admission-related queries, write to