NLSIU Summer SchoolFoundations for a Legal Education Certificate Course(FLE)


Moving from high school to law school is challenging for most students – and NLSIU’s Foundations for a Legal Education (FLE) can set you on the path to acquiring the skills and intellectual abilities you need to make this journey easy and effective. Over four rigorous weeks, the FLE Course will introduce you to:

  • Read critically and analyse complex materials;
  • Learn to contextualise, connect, and merge the quantitative and qualitative information;
  • Write persuasively;
  • Argue effectively; and
  • Think like a lawyer!

The study of law demands specific skill sets that young persons may not have access to, or training in. Additionally, aside from those who study at schools that offer pre-law a course in ‘Legal Studies’, young persons may not have guidance on what studying law requires.

If you’re in the tenth standard or above at high school, and are curious about studying law, this course, from NIRF-ranked #1 Law School is for you! The FLE will help you develop life-long skills that will:

  • Boost your ability to succeed at law school;
  • Enhance your comprehension, articulation, and reasoning abilities; and
  • Springboard your journey into the world of academia and the profession.

Admission Status:

Enrolments for our NLSIU Summer School – Foundations for a Legal Education (FLE) for 2024 is closed.

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Course Modules:

  1. Reading Closely – This module will introduce students to careful reading strategies, understanding complex text formats and cultivating a spirit of inquiry – skills essential to be a lawyer.
  2. Thinking Critically – This part of the FLE course will help students in recognising the characteristics of strong and weak arguments, spotting assumptions and fallacies, appreciate different reasons for similar arguments, and discover their own views and biases.
  3. Writing Clearly – This module will train students to write clearly and convincingly. It will also help students structure and present their writing in a persuasive manner.
  4. Speaking Persuasively – This part of the course is intended to help students identify the purpose and methods of speaking persuasively, structure their speech, and develop their speaking style, to enable them to become good public speakers.

Course Format:

Access the content, interact with faculty in form of Live synchronous classes, and get a certificate from NLS after successfully clearing your assessments.

Class Schedule :

The class schedule will be shared soon near the start of the course.


Dr. Sudhir Krishnaswamy

Dr. Sudhir Krishnaswamy



Director, Department of Professional and Continuing Education, NLSIU

Professor of Law

Dr Atreyee Majumder

Dr Atreyee Majumder

Associate Professor, Social Sciecnes

Ms. Nishtha Vadehra

Ms. Nishtha Vadehra


Co-Director, The Writing Centre

Dr Sushmita Pati

Dr Sushmita Pati

Assistant Professor, Social Sciecnes

Dr. Sudheesh R C

Dr. Sudheesh R C

Assistant Professor, Social Sciences

Dr. Kena Wani

Dr. Kena Wani

Assistant Professor, Social Sciences

Dr. Salmoli Choudhuri

Dr. Salmoli Choudhuri

Assistant Professor of Law

Ms. Ammel Sharon

Ms. Ammel Sharon

Director, QAMRA Archival Project, NLSIU
Co-Director, The Writing Centre


The course provides access to Content, Faculty Interactions & Certification. The total cost of the certification course for AY 2024-25 is Rs. 7,500/- + payment gateway charges as applicable.

Kindly note that there will be no refund of any fees should the participant cancel the registration or fail to attend the course.



Admissions deadline extended to April 26, 2024 (11.59 pm) 
Course start date: April 29, 2024
Course end date: May 24, 2024

For any queries regarding FLE, please write to



Why has NLSIU developed the FLE course for high school students?

Currently, very few students receive a structured introduction to legal education and the legal profession. Through this Certificate course, NLSIU is committed to encouraging motivated high school students to pursue a career in legal education. It is not a mandatory programme. It is a foundations programme for anyone interested in legal education. NLSIU is committed to deepening and broadening the pool of students interested in pursuing a legal education. Our effort seeks to motivate bright young high school students to consider and pursue a legal education.

Is the course only aimed at high school students?

The course aims to provide foundational legal knowledge to legal aspirants. Students aspiring to join law school will find it particularly helpful but it is open to both students and professionals who are keen to learn foundational legal principles.

Is there a limit to seats available for the FLE?

There is currently no limit on the number of students that can be a part of any cohort of the course.

Is it a completely online course?

The NLSIU Summer School – Foundations for a Legal Education Certificate Course shall be delivered in an online format, as is the case with all of the NLSIU Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) programmes. We hope that this will help students from across the country access the benefits of the certificate course.


Will the Course help in cracking CLAT?

This is not a test-preparatory course. However, it will help all law students prepare for their first year of legal education.


What are the timings for the FLE classes?

The class schedule will be shared soon near the start of the course.

I do not reside in India. Can I still enrol for the course?

Yes, absolutely. The course will be fully taught online and participants can access the videos and reading material at a pace that is suitable to them.

How does the FLE course provide flexibility to students?

FLE has been designed keeping in mind examination schedules and the academic obligations of students. Students will be able to:

Access content, interact with faculty, and get a certificate from NLSIU (if you clear course assessments).

Is it mandatory for students to attend classes?

It is not mandatory for students to attend the live classes, However, students are expected to go through all the class recordings for understanding the concepts discussed. Assessments may rely on class discussions.

What are the type of assessments? When will it be conducted?

The assessments will be based on the course module and participants who have followed the course as taught by the faculty, will find it comfortable to attempt them.

Each course module consists of 4 formative assessments over four weeks, and a summative assessment at the end of the course.  After successfully clearing your assessments, you will receive the transcript and Certificate (online) from NLSIU at the end of the course.

Is it possible to ask for a refund before or after the admissions deadline?

Any refund request before the admission confirmation the fee will be fully refunded. Upon confirmation of admission, the fee will be non-refundable under any circumstances.

How is the NLS certificate useful?

NLSIU is NIRF #1 ranked law school in the country and is recognised by all academic and professional institutions. The FLE course is specially crafted to provide foundational knowledge on legal principles to aspirants.

Admission Status



4 Weeks (online)

Course Fee (Indian Nationals)

Rs. 7,500/-

Course Fee (Foreign Nationals)

Rs. 7,500/-