Launching the Foundations for a Legal Education Certificate Course

Begin your journey from high school to law school here: NLSIU’s Certificate Course for high school students launching this Republic Day! 

What you need to know to excel at Law School

Moving from high school to law school is challenging for most students – and NLSIU’s Foundations for a Legal Education (FLE) can set you on the path to acquire the skills and intellectual abilities you need to make this journey easy and effective. Over four rigorous weeks, the FLE programme will introduce you to:

  • Read critically and analyse complex materials;
  • Understand and analyse quantitative information in context;
  • Write persuasively;
  • Argue effectively; and
  • Think like a lawyer!


The study of law demands specific skill sets that young persons may not have access to, or training in. Additionally, aside from those who study at schools that offer pre-law a course in ‘Legal Studies’, young persons may not have guidance on what studying law requires.

If you’re in the tenth standard or above at high school, and are curious about studying law, this programme, from NIRF-ranked #1 Law School is for you! The FLE will help you develop life-long skills that will:

Boost your ability to succeed at law school;
Enhance your comprehension, articulation, and reasoning abilities; and
Springboard your journey into the world of academia and the profession.
The FLE programme fits itself around your schedule – you can choose from three different variants of the programme, based on how much time you can commit to it:

  • You can choose to access programme content only;
  • Or choose to access content, attend live classes and interact with NLS faculty; or
  • Access content, interact with faculty, and get a certificate from NLS (if you clear programme assessments).

Enrolments for the FLE Course are now open! To know more about the FLE programme and how it can help you achieve your goal of learning the law, enrol here.