NLSIU’s Distance Education Department is now Professional And Continuing Education (“PACE”)

In recognition of its mission to promote excellence in legal education, and to broaden access to the highest standards of learning in the law for all, the National Law School of India University, Bengaluru (the “University”) provides a post-graduate Master’s degree, and several post-graduate diplomas for students from all backgrounds through online and hybrid learning methods. The University’s Distance Education Department (the “DED”) designs and delivers training programmes for several leading organisations and government agencies.These programmes blend a deep understanding of the theoretical aspects of the law, practical know-how, and applications and examples from the field.

As the University expands its efforts to provide educational and training programmes of the highest standards to its off-campus community, and deepens its commitment towards improving levels of professionalism and learning in the legal profession, it announces the renaming of the DED as Professional and Continuing Education (“PACE”).

The PACE shall continue to offer online and hybrid programmes that leverage technology to assist remote learners and provide access to NLSIU’s faculty, among the best in the country, to as wide a range of learners as possible. The PACE shall also provide refresher, upskilling, and capacity-enhancing programmes to members of the civil services, judiciary, and professionals engaging with the law in private organisations and in the non-governmental sector. As the University broadens its offerings for the wider society of which it is a part, it expects that the PACE will act towards fulfilling its vision and mission of improving the standards of legal education and access to justice for all.

Further details of the PACE’s current online and hybrid offering are available on our website.